Josh@IgniteNYC: Games in Social Media

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IgniteNYC finally posted my video from their event during Internet Week here in New York. It’s a condensed version of the talk I gave at SXSW’10 called “Add Some XBOX to Your UX.” I don’t have a video of that, but I wrote up the entire talk in article format which you are invited to check out here.

Update: Vote for my SXSW 2011 talk!

If you liked the talk above, please make sure to go vote for my SXSW’11 submission, +10! Level Up! Games and Social Media. It’s going to be an expansion on some of the ideas touched on in this talk and in my talk at SXSW’10. And leave a comment, if you feel just so inclined. Thanks!