Ten Minutes in Barcelona

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Oops. I’m about to run out of computer time, here, but I thought I’d update the world:

I’ve been in Barcelona since Friday, now, and I’ve spent much of the past couple of days travelling about with Jared Tarbell and his girlfriend and a couple of Spaniards they befriended at the Flash conference they’re here to attend.

So. We saw Star Wars on Friday after a dinner of Lebanese food and spent most of yesterday out at Montserrat (“Sliced Mountain”) hiking about and checking out the monastery and other various mountaintop constructions. Today I wandered up to the Segrada Familia and took the standard tour around the construction site. (123 years into the building of the place, they’re still only about halfway finished…)

Time’s almost up. Gotta go!

Update: I’ve posted the Barcelona shots starting here. It’s true.

Barcelona - nasty bunch!

Posted Mon, July 25, 2005, 3:21pm EST by Scott

Barcelona: the Catalan's are the most RUDEST people we had ever come across on all our travels. And we dont generally meet many rude people on travels. They are unfriendly, anti-social, push and shove you whereever and whenever without any apology or sense of manners. Service or even basic kindness seems like an alien word to these people.

Yuk! I can imagine better places to spend my money on to visit. A group of 15 of us were there for 4 months. Never again.


Posted Mon, July 25, 2005, 7:51pm EST by Josh

Well, I'd highly recommend staying away from Egypt, then...


Posted Mon, February 23, 2009, 9:44am EST by Mitchell S Johnson

I enjoyed barcelona. Went there with my friends and i thought it was really great. The food was amazing - they had a place called 'mcdonalds' that served some interesting and luscious food. It was so different from anything I have tasted before. They have some nice looking schools as well.