Critter Defense has been approved!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

(Originally posted to the Mojito blog. Archived here for posterity.)


So. Hello. Welcome to the blog.

Y’know, we heard horror stories and I kind of expected that we would submit the app and then wait, like, four weeks and have Apple come back to us with some little niggle like our web-based forums could allow a user to say the word “poop” and, therefore, could you please resubmit with an “Adults Only” warning and then it would take another month to for them to find some new error and then, maybe, by Christmas 2013 or so Critter Defense would hit the store — just in time to be removed for not being iPhone OS 7.1 compatible.

But it didn’t happen that way.

Critter Defense has been approved after a mere twelve days of waiting. Which, in geological terms, is like a second. The game is not in the store, you may note, because I filled out the form on iTunes Connect to let Apple know to make it go live on Monday (so we’d have a weekend to just double-check all of the web functionality — just in case). So I guess they have to approve that. Which may take years. But I’m hoping that they’ll just say “okay” as soon as someone shows up Monday morning with their bagel and coffee and so I am proud to announce after several months of development that:

Critter Defense goes live Monday, July 20th!

That this day is the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing is, I believe, a sign that someday man will walk on Mars. And that man will have an iPhone. And the first iPhone game played on another celestial body will, in fact, be Critter Defense. America will cheer. Small towns will name high schools after it. And it will possibly even become a US Senator.

We can dream.

So if you’re reading this on or after July 20th, go buy it now. Be a part of that dream.