Moving Soon

Saturday, April 10, 2004

I’ve been watching way too much television lately. And I’m watching television now. (And sneezing non-stop. I’ve gone through almost all of the toilet paper in the apartment since I don’t have any kleenex handy.)

Anyway, I’m changing apartments this weekend. Moving just around the corner to a larger place in an old, brick apartment building further up in the Old Money district of town a couple of blocks away from the Pease Mansion. The neighborhood’s in the Old West Austin Historical District, which you can learn all about here. (I guess my current apartment is also in that district, but it’s not an “historical” structure).

Looking forward to it. This efficiency gets kind of dull, as I spend almost all of my waking time here sitting in my chair in front of my work tables (in front of the computer and television). Having multiple rooms and closets in which to store my stuff will be luxurious…