Immune to the Virus

Friday, September 7, 2001

So there’s this e-mail virus going around. You know it, I’m sure — it sends a randomly-selected document to everyone in the address book and everyone to whom you’ve ever sent mail to from your MICROSOFT e-mail program. I own a Macintosh, so I’m blissfully immune to this Windows/Microsoft world of virii, and I feel totally safe opening all of my e-mails. So, I’ve received several documents off of other people computers and I’ve opened them to take a look. I’ve received a meeting agenda from last fall for some business organization (whose Haloween party was a smashing success, it seems) and some University of Texas kid’s resumé. Hey, cool. If you’re a bit of a voyeur like I am (and you don’t use Microsoft products), what better virus could there be? Smells like a good time.