Sunday, October 20, 2002

This past week I’ve a vivid dream nearly every night. At least one. Sometimes two or three. Since I don’t normally dream, I assume that my medication (see previous post) is “helping out” some… Some dreams worth repeating:

- I’m living back with the co-op people, but instead of living at the House of Commons, we’re in some bombed out hotel-type building, living in the still-complete rooms around a cratered center area. The building is in a depression, like a construction area, on the corner of a city block. Maybe the building is a construction area, rather than being bombed out. I don’t know. But it’s incomplete.

I’ve had other co-op and dorm dreams, and they usually involve the people I knew, but in different locations. Another co-op dream from a while back took place in a playground-playscape-sort-of structure, with ladders and platforms and few solid walls. (That’s probably a good metaphor for the co-op, anyway. I’ll try to hold myself back from breaking into Modest Mouse.) One dorm dream took place in a city on a very steep hill and we all had windows looking over the buildings going down the hill. Hm.

- I’m back in high school, and it’s the end of the semester (or six weeks, or whatever) and I’m trying to figure out what assignments I still need to complete and turn in before the deadline, but it’s all overwhelming and confusing and I have no idea what anything is. The memorable images I have from the dream are sitting on my bed with papers strewn around me trying to make sense of everything, and coming to class, not recognizing anyone or anything, and just being generally disoriented. This dream probably just comes from old, deeply buried high school memories of waiting until the last minute and completing all of my German homework for the six-weeks in, like, two days before the grades were due. Had a cool teacher that let crap like that slide.

I guess those are the only two that bear repeating. The others were mostly pornographic.