The Clearing Stages, Stabilizer

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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Stabilizer Cover ArtSo I’ve never really posted my sonic noodlings on my blog. No idea why. Just felt out of place. But. At the moment I don’t really have any other outlets for this stuff. I’m obviously not playing full live sets on any kind of regular basis (or ever), and it’s been a few years since I’ve participated in a Laptop Battle. So the only option is to just dump stuff on the internet.

Stabilizer. It’s a bit of a nonsense name, chosen more out of the need to just choose something — anything — when saving a track project for the first time. Now I’ve been staring at that word for a week and, well, nothing better has come to mind. The track started off as just me messing around with the EVOC PS vocoder built into Logic Pro X — that forms part of the burbles that go along through most of the track. And then almost everything else apart from the drum tracks all come from Alchemy — also included in Logic. (It’s new. At least, I’d never really messed with it. And I like!) Anyway, the foundation of the track, the rather basic eighth-note bassline and mostly unchanging kick-snare with a peppering of clicks probably comes from my being in a bit of an off mood when starting this little project and just bluntly hammering out notes. It seems to form a predictable foundation upon which all of the other blippy chaos can bounce around. (Worth a headphone listen, by the way. Might sound crappy on laptop speakers.)

Oh, and I decided to use The Clearing Stages nom de guerre instead of the usual DXM. Time for a change!

Anyway, if you listen or download, like it or hate it, feel free to drop a comment. Curious if anyone else finds this stuff interesting…

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