Eurotrip 2004: East Berlin

Sunday, March 7, 2004

So I’m in Berlin, now, and have been for about twenty-four hours. I arrived at Tegel airport yesterday afternoon.

I haven’t done much so far. Yesterday I fell asleep a couple of hours after getting in, waking up this morning at about 5AM. It’s been snowing intermittenly since my arrival, and I got myself cleaned up early this morning and wandered around it, finding a park with a lake to photograph and some cafe’s to order a breakfast of rolls and tea from in stammering, butchered German.

I’ve been puttering around for the past couple of hours while Brenna waits for her turn in the shower. Then we’re off to a museum she wants to visit to check out the Gates of Babylon. And probably get some food.

About her place: She lives in an old Soviet apartment building in the former East Berlin. It’s been remodeled and is actually quite comfortable. She normally has three flatmates, but she’s moving out this week so the new residents, a couple of French guys who speak no English, are staying in the living room.

East Berlin doesn’t look that bad, though there are plenty of stark and blocky apartment complexes littering the area.

No photos as my computer won’t yet connect to the internet.

That is all.


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Posted Sun, March 13, 2005, 7:31pm EST by Fred jones

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