Who is Josh?

Saturday, February 15, 1997

Now you’re thinking, well who is this Josh I’m hearing so much about? Ha ha. Since you ask: I’m a freshman at the University of Texas here in bright, sunny Austin, a city so wonderful it has its own Yahoo!… I’m in Plan II, yup, and I’m getting in some Russian and linguistics classes on the side of that. I also have friends (one or two, I think), some of whom have their own web pages! We’ve got Cap’n Michael Cote’, the Brenna Reinhart, roomie Daniel Spradley (mentioned above), my partner in musical crime Sean Owen, and even Chris “Some Call Him Farg” Graf (whose web page’s URL I seem to have forgotten - e-mail me if you know it… Heh heh. Oops! Back to me: I write music and row with the UT crew, I eat sometimes, and have been known to read when feeling especially adventuresome.

Note the extensive use of PhotoShop filters on my images. I like to consider myself pretty handy with it, some say too much so…

I do quite a bit of World Wide Web Work and have become quite adept at it, so if you’re looking for a little advice, and I know you are, on how to make your site a little better, give these places a looksee. It’s not like you have to pay attention to them (hell, look at this page!), but familiarizing yourself with how you should be HTMLing to make clean, understandable web sites is probably a good idea.

  • Web Pages That Suck - Probably the most entertaining of the lot, this one teaches you the best way: by making fun of others.
  • Alertbox - A little wordier and more down-to-earth, but periodically uses to word “suck,” so it’s still cool.
  • WWW FAQ - Everything about the web you really could hope for.
  • HTML Reference Manual - The nuts-n-bolts list of HTML tags and what they do.

On the topic of useablity (if we’re on it): Important! Hey, you people with little monitors: how does this page look on them? It should be okay on 800-pixel-wide displays, but I’m a tad worrid about 640-pixel-wide ones. Does the table below just looked crammed into senselessness? Let me know if this is the case, or if there’s any other sort of error, problem or such on this page that’s bothering you… Thanks a bunch!

A special word for my friend Juan: Using the time-sharing technique, a demon probably detected your susceptibility.