What’s in Jan Werner’s CD Case?

Friday, August 31, 2001

You might be familiar with Mouse on Mars, the sometimes-called “krautrock,” glitch-pop duo out of Köln, Germany. Well, head Mouse Jan Werner has come to Texas to participate in CinemaTexas with his installation-artist girlfriend (whose name I unfortunately forget).

Anyway. Through connections I won’t reveal, his travel pack full of records and CDs has ended up at my house. Hopefully I’m not doing anything terrible by looking inside the CD case — I’m not going to touch the more delicate records — but I need to satisfy my curiousity about just what music Jan Werner of Mouse of Mars brought with him to Texas.

Here we go:

- A couple burnt CDs.
- The Sonig (his label) compilation
- Something the color of old bananas that I don’t recognize.
- Microstoria, “Model 3, Step 2” (another Jan project)
- Lithops, “Uni Umit” (Jan’s solo ambient project)
- Mouse on Mars, “Idology”
- Mouse on Mars, “Nuin Niggung”
- 2:3, “Supposé” (? — his girlfriend’s music, I believe)
- Mouse on Mars, “Actionist Respoke”
- Goflex
- Skipp 003 (just writing what’s printed on the disc…)
- Skipp 002
- Sous Hit (?)
- Wevie Stonder, “eat your own ears…”
- Something with a variation on the Goldschlager logo on it…
- Coldcut, “Beats + Pieces”
- Napalm Death
- Holosud, “fijnewas afpompen”
- Something unlabelled.
- Workshop, “Talent”
- Kandis, “1996-1999”
- White Noise
- Oval, “commers”
- Cibo Matto, “Moonchild Single”

And that’s all for my nosiness. Hope all is cool.