Sunday, January 15, 2006

Came within a few pages of finishing You Remind Me of Me on the flights home. It takes some good twists and the three main characters (Jonah, Troy, Loomis) feel very real — very authentic. The interviewer during the interview with Dan Choan in the back of the book wonders about the lack of good mothers in the story. Dan says that theme came about accidentally, but it’s true. All moms are either overbearing, absert, or fucked-up in some way or other. And I think it kind of connects with Finding Nemo, here, (yeah) as a good (and somewhat rare, it seems) story of paternal love — how males relate to one another. In non-cornball, authentic — that word again — ways (in YRMoM, not Nemo). Which is good. And interesting to read. Silence can be loving communication. Quiet. Non-activity. Something lost in the chitter-chattery of love as it’s usually portrayed.

Otherwise, uneventful. Some turbulence.