KVRX Day of Noise

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

From the KVRX website:

“On Tuesday, June 3rd, tune in to 91.7 for the first ever KVRX DAY OF NOISE. From 7 to 11 PM, the day of noise will be an experimental improvised music event with no restrictions or boundaries. Expect the unpredictable. Predict the unexpected. Will Graham Reynolds, Peter Stopschinski, Stars as Eyes, and Dropframe duel it out improv style? Um… I’ll tell you on wednesday morning.”

I’ll also be participating in this experiment — along with a bunch of other people. If you’re in the mood for some strange listening, then, tomorrow, check it out. You can also go to their site and stream the broadcast (if you’re outta town or can’t pick it up conventionally).

Anyway. I can’t guaruntee that everyone who likes me as a person will check out my sonic work, so all I can rally do is just provide the information. And here it is.