Photo Licensing

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Ice cream van in SoHo.

I got another request to use one of my travel photos in a professional project. This has happened maybe four times in the past few months — the requesting part — but so far none has panned out. Columbia University wanted to use some of my Potsdamer Platz shots in some presentation and a couple of religious groups have asked about using some of my shots from Jerusalem. And I just got another today from a game company.


In Heliopolis, Egypt.

So this is flattering and all, but I’m more-or-less unsure of how to deal with “licensing” out my images for commercial use. If this trend continues, it would be nice to have some kind of response beyond the extrememly unprofessional: “Yeah, sounds good — will you give me money?” But I’m not sure how to approach this. I’m definitely not a “professional photographer” and I am much more interested in having my shots out there in the world than I am in squeezing money out of people. But if my shots will be used in a commercial product, I want to feel appropriately compensated.


Austin flowers.

Anyway, if anyone comes across this post with some experience in selling photographs, I’d be much obliged if you would give a word or two of advice in the comments to this post.

And if you want to use one of my photos, please e-mail me. All of the photos on this site are mine and available for use.


Christian at the National Design Gallery in NYC.