Oscillate Night Review

Friday, April 30, 2004


DJ Thalidomide (aka Calvin Cissel) spins at Oscillate Night.

Igloomag has been kind enough to run a short feature review of the first Oscillate Night. Chris “Zimbo” Bradbury, a local afficianado, wrote the review originally to the Oscillate Mailing List (which I maintain and which lent its name to the event).

Anyway, the good part:

“DXM played a fantastic set, one that both surprised me and confirmed my thoughts that he and Kurt (Buddy System/Pedal) are two Austin artists that are going to jump to insane levels of production/quality in the very near future (opinion of course, and a biased one, as I think highly of them both, but every time I see either of them play, it gets better and better). DXM’s set was nicely dancy/rhythmic, crossing into the techno (as a specific genre of 4-4 electronic dance music) sound that I love.”


I will, by the way, be playing a set at the Caucus Club on May 14th. More details soon…