Josh@SXSW: Saturday, March 13

Friday, March 12, 2010

So, yes, SXSW 2010 is upon us. I arrived in Austin Tuesday evening and have been madly hammering out the last updates to my talk, Add Some XBOX To Your UX. I’m really looking forward to finally getting it out there — I feel like I’ve been working on it forever. I started taking notes on it soon after I first submitted it way back in, what, May or something? June? Wow. Anyway, I hope it’ll come off well. I’m confident.

So. After the talk, I’m going to put up, here, a version of my notes edited for easier reading — along with a few outtakes from the talk which I think are interesting but just didn’t fit in. The original full version of the talk clocked in way too long, so some good stuff had to go. I’ll also post some links to books and blog posts and such — my bibliography, of sorts. (Check out the books in my Shelfari shelf widget to the right, as well, to get an idea of what I’ve been reading.) Hopefully SXSW will record some audio or video or something.

Anyway: Check out my talk! Add Some XOBX To Your UX. Saturday morning, 9:30am. Bring a cup of coffee and a breakfast taco.