The Truth About Charlie

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

A fantastic documentary about the military leadership of the North Vietnamese Army during the 1960s… Wait. No. It’s a remake of Charade, starring Thandie Newton, Mark Wahlberg, and Tim Robbins. Regina Lambert’s husband has been murdered. She though he dealt in art, but it turns out that both some covert wing of the US gov and a renegade group of mercenaries want to “talk” to her about some missing money. Takes place in Paris. And premeired tonight in Austin, Texas, at the Paramount. Jonathan Demme, the director, was on hand to say a few words and answer questions. A fun film. Recommended. And Thandie Newton is oh-so-cute. Joe and I went, checked it out, had some sushi at Pango’s, and visited the premeire afterparty for a while afterwards. Jon Demme was there, hanging around, which was kind of cool. Got free wine, cake, and carrots. Otherwise, nothing really was happening.

On the walk to the truck between Pango’s and the afterparty, though, Joe and I did come across two young women kneeling on the sidewalk, clutching each other, laughing in that I’m-incredibly-drunk way. Their cellphone and keys were scattered about. Not sure what happened. We got them up, gave them their stuff, and walked one of them to her car.

“Are you sure you’re okay to drive?” She was obviously not.

“If I don’t get home soon by boyfriend’ll kill me anyway, so it doesn’t matter!” In a horrible laughing Texan drawl. Made me want to hit her.