The Clearing Stages, M45

Sunday, July 24, 2016

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Stabilizer Cover ArtI “master” these tracks by listening to them on my Polk Hampden Bluetooth speakers and then again on the Alesis monitors upstairs. It’s a fairly simple process: I just play the track on my computer and fiddle with volume sliders and maybe EQ a bit until things sound alright.

Christin came downstairs earlier today as I was “mastering” M45 on the Polks. She gave me a little light-hearted crap about the sharp 2-4 snare (or clap) I have a tendency to use. Or, rather, she tried. By clapping along on the snare hits… but she got confused. Which: Good! M45’s a bit of an experiment with using a non-standard time signature that you shouldn’t really notice unless you do something like count along with it.

Anyway. The goal wasn’t to trick Christin. I’ve just got to listen to these tracks outside of my headphones a bit. It’s funny how different they can sound — mainly drum loops that sound fine in the cans will come off way too hot from speakers. Especially that sharp snare. And other sounds can easily muddle together and tend to require a little EQ separation of volume nudging to kind of open back up and sound nice.


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