Monaco: Some Photos

Monday, October 2, 2006

Wining and dining (not pictured) at the Nokia Games Summit.

I don’t have much time to make an actual post, but here are a handful of photos from the in-progress excursion to Monaco for the Nokia Games Summit. I am part of a team running a game called “Vélocité.”

Hotels and condos of Fontvieille, Monaco.

We spent last night in Fontvieille, a newer part of Monaco that has been reclaimed from the sea and now features a cluster of new hotels and development. The Summit is way on the far end of the country. About a 40-minute walk…

Monaco may be the most three-dimensional town I’ve experienced. Meaning: It’s built (mostly) on land sloping into the sea at about a 30 degree angle. And developers have tried to maximize the small amount of territory available to them. So everything’s kind of stacked up and overlapped and tangled around. Makes it feel very cozy in some places. Claustrophobic in others.

Wednesday morning from my hotel room balcony.

A mosaic of Fernand Léger’s Les Trois Musiciens.

Our hotel, Le Meridien.

Busy, busy. More soon.

Wikipedia knows more about Monaco, too.


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