Josh in California - Part 5: A Note to Coté

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 21:11:17 -0600
Subject: Kinko’s
From: Josh Knowles []
To: []

I’m at Kinko’s, by the way, dealing with my web stuff. They provide free DSL service if you’ve got your own laptop! Good deal. I’m waiting for Mason to come back from a lecture or something so I can go over to his place.

I just gotta tell someone: this whole work-vacation thing works out really well, I think. With the laptop on my shoulder I’ve been taking in some sites and then sitting down and taking care of work while I get coffee or have a bite to eat. It’d be a sort of self-funding vacation if I were getting paid for any of this.

If Acorro got rolling and allowed me the opportunity to take my laptop and cellphone on the road for a month provided I still maintained contact and got the work done… Oh my.

- Hilbert

(‘Josh’ gets so… overused.)

See this piece I wrote last year…