Last Day Abroad

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Hi. This site is oddly fascinating. In other news, I’m coming home tomorrow. Back to Austin.

So. I’m in Berlin, spending my last days at a small hostel in Friedrichshain called All In Hostel. I spent the previous four nights sleeping on James’ living room sofa, but his roommate Nina decided to come back into town early so I had to find other digs… Brenna has been staying at James’ place, as well, and has been helping to keep me entertained since she dropped back into town Sunday night. This is all, no doubt, fascinating.

Can’t say I’ve been doing a tremendous amount. Brenna and I nearly caused a large-scale sparrow riot a couple afternoons ago while trying to feel bread to the swans over at Treptower Park. Soon after accidentally dropping some crumbs on the shore we found ourselves standing amidst a pulsing, squawking mass of hundreds of little birdies fighting over the small chucks of bread we would throw out. Brenna took some shots with her special ‘Lomography’ camera and we returned yesterday to recreate the effect for my Digital Rebel. But yesterday it started raining and most of the sparrows appeared to have better things to be doing with their time and the main swan kept hissing at me for no reason so we just took a few fast rounds of photographs, shared the baguettes we brought with a little girl who had been watching us with her parents, and wandered back into a sheltered area where we could get some crepes. I did get some cool close-up shots of sparrows and pigeons, though, if you’re into that kind of thing. Y’know. Pigeons. Feathered rats.

Anyway, other highlights include watching Coffee and Cigarettes over at the Babylon Theater in Mitte last night and eating at the italo-punk pizza restaurant on Schˆnhauser Allee that was actaully quite good.

Um. So. Yeah, I don’t really have much to say. Just finished some packing and thought I’d kill some time on one last post before coming home.

If you want to hang out before I leave for New York in a couple of weeks, you’ll probably have to call me or send an e-mail. I suspect I’ll be a bit preoccupied with the move and everything when I get back in town. But I’d love to see ya. (Unless, y’know, you suck.)