New York City

Thursday, February 3, 2005


Northampton, Penn. That's grandma in the upper left.

Whelp, I’m travelling back up north for a long weekend. Leaving today (Thursday). Back Sunday (Sunday). Looking forward to seeing the city and folks and a bit of snow. Tall buildings. Tightly-wound metropolitan biology. Angles.

It’s been about fifteen months since I’ve last been. A long time. In the past I’d get a few days to ambulate Manhattan a couple of times a year, as sidetrips away from my grandparents’ place in Northampton, Pennsylvania.

The only real plans I have for the city include a customary trip to Eyebeam and maybe a bit of sightseeing. Of bars. Maybe the Natural History Museum… Last time I enjoyed looking at the dino bones. Not much time, but we’ll see.

I have been reading American Psycho, though, which has given me ideas for unique gothamist activities… Like popping out the eyeballs of homeless people with my pocketknife or dismembering female Ivy Leaguers. Or maybe hatcheting an investment banker in the face a couple of times.

I should watch what I read…