Thursday, August 30, 2001

This happens every year. Sometime in fall, the weather dramatically shifts, and I get sick and feel worthless for a few days. Normally it’s later in the season, when the warm summer gives way to the less-warm Austin winter sometime during October. This past week, though, the temperature’s gone down maybe fifteen degrees all around and the weather’s gone from big, hot, open skies to grizzly drizzly. And I’m down for the count.

It’s an interesting feeling, being this sort of sick, I suppose. There’s no sneezing or puking or spots on my bottom or anything like that. I feel numbed. My brain takes longer to process information. My body won’t move the way I want it to, exactly. I tried to run from my car the several blocks to UT’s computer lab last night and couldn’t make it much more than two-hundred yards before quitting.

So I’ve been drinking juice and trying to take it relatively easy — sending e-mails and listening to nice music on the stereo tonight. And writing in my journal here. Hopefully I’ll be perkier next week because things must get done!