Travel Opportunities

Monday, April 28, 2003

The news reported this morning that several airlines have slashed their fare considerably this spring. They listed a bunch of examples: New York to LA: $191. LA to Washington: $175. (I forget the exact numbers, but they all hovered around $175-$200.)

Anyway. I’ve got a voucher on Delta worth $200… So maybe I should take this opportunity to ditch town and go somewhere for a week or long weekend. But where to go? I could visit someone. Or just go somewhere weird. Charleston, West Virginia. Bangor, Maine. Boise. Toronto. Or not.

Seriously, though. Portland, Oregon has been on my list of places to check out for a while, now. Maybe that’d be a good place to check out. I haven’t seen Eric Parent in a couple of years and I could contact David Chandler (“Solenoid,” for your AMODA-watchers) to see what’s going on. Hm. Well.

Any other suggestions?