My Periodic Run

Sunday, February 16, 2003

So I’m about to go for my periodic run. Running ten miles per week had been my big new year’s resolution… That hasn’t really happened. Between cold weather and busy-ness and laziness, well. That’s a bunch of miles. But. I do this run about once a week (with shorter mile-runs a few times between the longer runs): I start at home (about 38th and I-35) and cut across town until I get to 1st and Congress. Then I walk back (stopping at Little City for coffee). It’s about four miles each way.

Those of you who don’t know Austin have no idea what I’m talking about.

Anyway. My path makes an interesting transect across town. I start in my 20-something neighborhood, run through the lower-income traditionally minority neighborhood, run through the University of Texas campus, then through the government buildings and across the state capitol grounds, down through the “entertainment district” of the 6th Street area, and finally stopping in the big business part of town. Residential. Educational. Political. Recreational. Economic.

Not bad for one path…

Anyway. I’m off…

[Originally posted to Brenna’s group blog, “The Magical Futon.”]