The New Place

Monday, May 17, 2004

So I’m sleeping in the new place, now. Saturday and Sunday afternoons my dad helped me move my furniture (which I really don’t have much of) and I hauled over a couple loads of miscellenous crap — toiletries, clothing, audio equipment, etc. Haley has yet to move in, so last night I by myself watched the end of Gray’s Anatomy (added to my Netflix queue after hearing about Spalding Gray’s suicide) and the beginning of Woody Allen’s Manhattan before falling asleep on the sofa in the living room. Very nice.

I did manage to forget a couple of key things, I realized this morning as I woke up late for work: A shower curtain and my sneakers. So I couldn’t really shower and make it to work in time and I had to slap on my old Birkenstocks that look okay from the top but have huge rips and holes in the soles. And they might smell. Thank goodness I sit by myself in a cubicle all day…