Reassembling the Studio

Friday, July 25, 2008

Andreas Tilliander at my Oscillate Night 01.

I’ve decided it’s time to reunite the band. Sort of like in the Blues Brothers, except instead of wrangling up my old hands at diners and dive bars I’m gathering together my software install DVDs and product activation codes. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but this afternoon it dawned on me that I could get Apple’s Logic Studio for cheap. Which includes Logic Pro 8 — the updated version of my compositional weapon-of-choice — along with a variety of other audio tools I don’t know but might be fun to fool with (like the Impulse Response Utility, which apparently lets you “snapshot” the reverb acoustics of a real-world space and import them into virtual reverb and spatialization plug-ins — whoa). So I purchased Logic Studio. Good for me.

Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and Native Instruments Komplete. My holy trinity of audio production and performance. They’re a good combination for the synthy sound I like. Flexible. And they don’t require any equipment besides the laptop. So now I’ve reacquired Logic. And I got the new Ableton Live free as a part of my Laptop Battle winnings — so I’m only really missing Komplete. My four-year-old, three-versions-out-of-date Komplete 2 install DVDs didn’t really work (not a huge surprise). So I’m deciding what I want to do about that.

Anyway, it’s been bugging me not having my little electronic music creative outlet these past couple of years. It’s also refreshing to think about making something that’s not interactive for a change. Maybe you’ll get lucky and if I know you I’ll start bugging you with my shitty techno.

me too

Posted Mon, November 24, 2008, 12:24am EST by kalani kordus

I bought logic studio a few months before you posted this. I've only opened it twice. I recently started playing again. My problem is that I start tons of great ideas and never finish any of them. Hope your doing well. I'm in SF now.