Mixed Bag

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Okay, you greedy little monkeys. Sorry I’m late posting this week — I had a meeting with my thesis advisor this afternoon that lasted until about 2:30.

It’s been a busy week.

The most significant advences made, though, have been in the field of Cote’ Simulation Technology (CST) — an area of study which will become highly valued as the total amount of media space (hours of programming available multiplied by the number of media outlets broadcasting) increases and exponentially more viable filler must be developed to create the illusion of non-commericial content.

The current version of the CST app is designed for talk radio usage. Using a looping function that smoothly extracts fragments of prerecorded audio, a composite can be built that will be perceived by a radio audience as a continuous ranting and babbling of the sort they are most likely already used to. But since the CRT only requires one minute of input audio (instead of the several hours a traditional radio program needs), production costs can be cut dramatically.

Some examples of CST in action:
The Cote’ Morning Zoo Radio Show (2MB)
The Cote’ Late-Night Crazy Conspiracy / Alien Show (2MB)

If you wish to license CST technology for your company, please contact sales@cotronics.com. This software can be used to auto-generate radio programming, academic lectures, political speeches, calls home to mom — and more!

And in other news…

I’m sitting at the Spider House feeling rather groggy. Having completely addicted myself to Dr Pepper and Pepsi during the past month, I just can’t summon up the energy to take on the world without a fizzy caffeinated soda in hand. Life is okay without pop — I mean, if I didn’t have to be productive in any way, sleeping in the grass all day, only waking to record the few sun-bleached thoughts that occur to me, would be fine. But living, as I do, in an environment that asks me to produce stuff or do work every once in a while, I have to jack myself up on the sugar-water to set the brain in create-mode. Is this good? Doubt it. Bad? Sodas have tons of empty calories and there are four-hundred reasons no one should go near them, I know. Probably compensating for a lack of exercise or, possibly, just a general lack of exciting external stimulus. So…

Finally, I’ve been putting together some very simple piano pieces this past week. It’s just really relaxing. I recorded one and you’re welcome to take a listen:

Game Over (4.1MB)

Thanks for coming. Drive safely!