Upcoming Josh Events

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Well, looks like a bunch of things are coming together for the coming months. Though the details are currently sketchy, I thought I’d go ahead and make a little announcement here…

Looks like I’ll be playing a show in Denton (outside of Dallas) around the beginning of March with the Aleph, Stars as Eyes, and possibly others. The Aleph and Stars as Eyes are quite good, so I’m rather proud to be involved. I’ll be doing a dxm set (possibly throwing in some Clearing Stages bits, just for variety).

There have been mumblings about a show at the House of Commons around the same time, as well. That show would be with the Octopus Project, another great local band. Some others might also be involved. I hope they get a decent sound system. That’s all I’m saying.

And I have been invited to speak about electronic music in Ana Boa-Ventura’s Intro to Convergent Media class at UT around the beginning of April. This should be really exciting, speaking to a class as a knowledgable person (ha!) rather than as just another student doing a report of some sort. Other speakers in the series are AMODA artist Jared Tarbell (creator of Levitated) and my former boss (and Mason’s step-father) Dr. John Slatin. Again, quite an illustrious set of names to be associated with.

Related to that, Ana has been putting together a net.art event, with the help of AMODA volunteers Ginny and Maria. Sean and I might get to do a networked dxm set for that event. Sean would play out of NYC and I would mix his audio into my audio performed here in town.

Finally, I’m hoping to hook up a slot in an AMODA Digital Showcase in late Spring. I’d like to debut some new video as well as perform a freshly-overhauled dxm set.

Alright! It’s a lot of stuff. Hopefully it’ll all come to pass. Sounds like some fun.

I’ll keep everyone posted, I’m sure.