Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Now that I’m drunk let’s hit the blogs and reveal deeply held secrets…

I’m wearing boxers with little dalmations and hearts on them and I draw the blinds at night even though I enjoy the sun coming into the room during the mornings because of my fear that the neighbors might look in.

What else? I saw so many bands last week during SXSW that I nearly decided to give up music altogether and pursue other arts such as creatively standing in sound-proof chambers or jamming unwound paperclips into my eardrums. Weird that I love listening to music at home, but I really don’t always enjoy going out strictly to hear musicians perform — especially the IDMers who, while they have a keen grasp of audio production, make terribly boring live performers… Hey, it’s another guy glaring down at a laptop with an facial expression frozen into the form of someone to whom you’d just offered a congratulatory handful of dirt. Woo!

With the exception, I must say of one Max Tundra — a gentleman of about 4’6” who parties like a rockstar on stage while belting out the lyrics to his electronic melodies. Recommended. He even got laid as a result of playing at our AMODA Showcase. Not a first, for sure… After all (and here’s an organizational secret) AMODA was founded to get all of the volunteers laid. And it’s happened to a bunch of us. Not this volunteer quite yet, but I haven’t quit yet… A surprising number of AMODA volunteers currently date people they met at our events.

So, anyway… I think the moral of this post is that Josh’s computer should have a little tube attached to it that required a quick breathalizer test before accessing any domains with “blogger” in them. Blowing into the headphone jack doesn’t seem to do anything. But that won’t stop me from trying.

Where’d my egg go?

[Originally posted to Brenna’s group blog, “The Magical Futon.”]