Josh in California - Part 10: Towards the End

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

I haven’t written much about a few major vacations events. Whether the time or energy is right for me to write about them now, I don’t know, but I should at least mention their existence for my own memory of and because they might be interesting to the couple people out there (Cote’ and Brenna) who keep up with my blog.

(Maybe Brenna would be interesting knowing what I’m doing in her bedroom while she’s away at class… Hmm. I bought a soft drink at a convenience store and drank it at your desk and I listened to Claire’s “Bravo [German Pop] Hits 28,” disc 1. Now I’m gathering laundery together to wash. After that, I think I’ll jump on your bed some and hide things in your shoes…)

Ahem. Before I get going, I added a hit-counter to the bottom of this page after seeing it in use on Brenna’s page. It’s hosted by and you’ll notice that it’s around 19 or 20 — that’s the count for the past three days. Besides the visits from Michael Cote’ and Brenna Reinhart (to give the full names for no good reason), I’m also getting pageviews from some interesting accidental sources… Well, the site seems to not be working right now. provides good statistics, but maybe (like Blogger a few months back) its popularity exceeds what the servers can handle. Anyway, some people have come to the site after searching for “Wevie Stonder” and “Gloryhole Girls” on Google. That Google puts A Late-Afternoon Breakfast high on the list of sites it returns for those searches highlights (to me) that search engine technology still needs perfecting. One of Jan St. Werner’s CDs (from below) was “Wevie Stonder” and “Gloryhole” gets used sometimes in reference to The Gloryhole Tape, in case you’re wondering. The Gloryhole Tape site receives hits from almost no one except folks searching for “gloryhole” on different search engines. And from the occasional “kool kieth” search. Gloryhole gloryhole gloryhole. Sexy young babes in tight thong bikinis. Sexy sex sex. Kool Keith having wild bondage orgies with Wevie Stonder! Let’s see how that affects things. So. On to more interesting topics…