Josh Knowles // Creative Portfolio

This is the creative portfolio component of my graduate application package. Please take a few minutes to learn about some of the creative projects I've worked on the past few years.

I have not included my social security number on this portfolio because I don't want that info available online. If you need to get my SSN from me, please e-mail me at My full name is Joshua K. Knowles.

Web Design & Development

I have been a professional web developer since 1996. Here are a few of my recent projects:

Austin Museum of Digital Art

I coordinated a team of about eight designers, developers, and AMODA volunteers to build and launch this site. (I do not currently maintain the AMODA website.)

The University of Texas College of Liberal Arts

I developed a custom site management tool for the College of Liberal Arts and used it to launch seven departmental websites. Phillip Dubov hired me to work on this project. Currently most COLA departments, including the main COLA website, run off of a version of the tool I developed. It's been a huge success. (I do not currently maintain any of the COLA websites.)


This is the site I put together to help promote my digital music organization Frescher-Southern. Looking around the site will give you a good sense of my visual design skills and also give you a sense of what I've been up to with Frescher-Southern, an electronic music events organization I founded about a year ago. (I created and maintain the complete Frescher-Southern website.)

I also maintain a personal website at It runs off of blogging code I wrote myself.

Digital Audio

I have been producing music as DXM since 1994 (my sophomore year of high school) and I have been creating soundscapes as The Clearing Stages since 2001.

(These links go directly to .mp3 files.)

DXM, "Plexiglass Afternoon"

"Plexiglass Afternoon" is a track from a forthcoming DXM album. My primary compositional tools are Logic Pro 7, Native Instruments Komplete 2, and Ableton Live 4.

DXM, "Shatter Beta"

"Shatter Beta" is another track soon-to-be-released track.

The Clearing Stages, Live at Oscillate Night 06

This clip has been taken from a live performance on December 10th, 2004. The sounds come from software instruments built by myself using CSound, SuperCollider, and Reaktor -- in additional to field recordings from around Austin. (Download the entire performance here.)

Video Art

Over the years I have experimented with using video projection accompaniments when I perform live music.

Video Art at AMODA Digital Showcase 17

I created a fifty-minute video to project behind myself while performing.

Creative Writing

I wrote a novella titled Postcard from Santa Cruz for my Plan II honors undergraduate thesis. The novella is a fictional story based on my real experiences living in a co-op house during college. Here is a selection from that project.

"Lunch with Glenda"

Miso and marriage... (About 2,222 words.)

Graphic Design

I've always had a lot of fun designing flyers for local music events. Here are a couple of good ones:

Oscillate Night 08 @ Elysium

This flyer is for a Frescher-Southern event coming up in January.

United Space and Jimmy George @ Gaby & Mo's

This flyer is for an indie rock show back in 2001. (I played keyboards for United Space at the time.)