josh knowles presents
"The Gloryhole Tape"

On a long drive to Burning Man, well, things get a tad strange. Maybe it was the Milky Way candy bars, maybe the Hawaiian Punches. Maybe it was the same @#(*&^%$ing CD FOR FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT THAT MADE ME WANT TO KILL. Um. Listen to our antics in two-to-three minute chunks by downloading the mp3s below or grab the entire thrity-minute recording (13.6MB) and listen to it straight through (or on the rocks).

The Gloryhole Tape was produced by Josh Knowles and Michael Coté for Buzzhole Radio, Austin, Texas. Additional funding provided by the Martha and Squealy Nutbar Foundation and The Bungcock Institute for a Better Early Evening.

Clip 1: Leaving Las Vegas (1:32 - 1.4MB)
"Have you ever seen Lance Burton?"
"Um, I forget."

Clip 2: Coté on Kool Kieth (1:38 - 1.5MB)
"Most people who would be talking to Kool Kieth would not be wearing suits."

Clip 3: The Michael Coté Comedy Hour (1:39 - 1.5MB)
"In this episode we rescue booty and, uh, pay for your videos!"

Clip 4: NPR (1:54 - 1.7MB)
"We can all take that to heart, can't we folks?"

Clip 5: Tic-Tac Aliens (1:45 - 1.6MB)
"Coté's really giving that Garrison Keillor a run for his money."

Clip 6: Gloryhole, Nevada (3:02 - 2.7MB)
"You know, the missionary position is the most Cathoic of positions."

Clip 7: Gamblin' (3:14 - 2.9MB)
"I wonder what would happen if were to pour coffee on this thing."
"Uh, don't do that."

Clip 8: The Beaver Bonanza (2:13 2MB)
"And you know what that means, Phil."
"Well, this is Nevada."

Clip 9: Josh's Trip Tip and Are We Lost? (2:26 - 2.2MB)
"Did you know that before CDs people used cassette tapes?"

Clip 10: ??? (2:24 - 2.1MB)
"There's really not much else to do..."

Clip 11: Gloryhole Life (3:55 - 3.5MB)
"I don't wanna have anything to do with that slut Sally."

Clip 12: Larry and Beauford (1:55 - 1.7MB)
"All this talk of buzzin' and bungin' -- I'm absolutely confused, Larry."

Clip 13: Leaving Nevada (2:13 - 2MB)
"If the Lord had wanted us to pay full price, he wouldn't have invented subtraction!"

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