This year I got 2nd Place at the Battle. Video artist Dan Winkler has some video showing off the event.

My tracks:

These aren't live recordings. They're recreations (cleaned up a bit). But they sound better than the soundboards. Enjoy!

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Okay! Back from the Laptop Battle Nationals in Seattle. Six of us came to compete. I didn't win. Or get into the final round. But — had a really cool time. Thanks to everyone who braved the blizzard and showed up!

My tracks:

So I only got to do the first two tracks live. But you can check out what I would've done had I progressed further.

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So I won AMODA's SXSW Laptop Battle at The Mohawk in Austin, TX on Saturday, March 10th — beating out DFW's Cygnus in the final round. Excellent.

These are tracks I performed:

Also, check out the short video made by Christian Croft during Round IV. Featuring dancing people!

I won a few things, including a trip out to Seattle in December for the laptop battle "nationals". Sweet! Thanks to those who came out! Photos coming soon...

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* Probably contains samples owned by Motorola...

"DXM's sound has a pleasant 80's European electronica influence. Watery, shimmering melodies feel bright and hopeful like drinking a cup of strong tea with lemon, light but forceful." -Igloomag

DXM is Josh Knowles: or

Josh also runs Frescher-Southern, an electronic music org based in Austin, TX.